What is Radon and is it in YOUR water?

What is Radon and is it in YOUR water?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and comes from the natural breakdown or radioactive decay of uranium. It is usually found in igneous rock and soil, however well water may also be a source of radon. Radon is measured in Pico Curies per Liter (pCi/L). The EPA recommends that homes with Radon levels of 4 pCi/L in the air have remediation installed in the home. 10,000 pCi/L of radon in water adds 1 pCi/L to radon in the air. Levels below 4 pCi/L of radon in the air still pose a significant health risk according to the EPA,  Centers for Disease Control, the American Lung Association and the American Medical Association.

Radon is the leading natural cause of lung cancer in the US and the sixth leading cause of all types of cancers. Currently, the EPA only requires testing of radon in the air, but they have recently decided to re-evaluate that positions due to the widespread findings of radon in water. Montgomery County was one of the first counties in the country last year to require radon tests for the sale of a home and while the test alludes to radon in air testing, it does not specifically state air or water.

In the past year alone, we have found very high levels (up to 60,000 pCi/L) of radon in wells all around the entire Washington, DC Metro Area, specifically in Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland & Loudoun County in Virginia. Each and every week, we have been installing radon remediation water treatment equipment in homes and offices throughout the entire area. There are many different types of radon remediation available to you depending on the level of radon present. For those with high levels of radon in water , an AIRaider can successfully and dependably remove radon and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from your well water through a multi-stage aeration method that provides up to 99%+ radon reduction. For lower levels of Radon in water, a carbon tank will remove Radon from water to a safe level.

Please have your water tested today, it may save a life! Call us today at 301-854-1333 to schedule a test!

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