DROP Water Leak Detection Now Available!

Drop Water Management System

Never again worry about your home water system, sudden leaks, keeping up with water filter maintenance, losing water to left-on taps, or experiencing unexpected frozen or burst water pipes.


The DROP water system monitors your home’s water, water temperatures, water flow, and more so you can get live alerts on the status of your water anywhere, any time. Get peace of mind while you’re away at work, on vacation, or even if the pipes begin to freeze overnight.


So no more guesswork, only total water control, straight from your smartphone, from the DROP Water Management System.


What is the DROP Water Management System?

The DROP Water Management System uses the DROP Hub to monitor your home’s water usage, water devices, water temperature, water flow, leaks, and more.

The DROP Hub is installed directly onto your home water system, including all water treatment options you may have – simple, easy, and entirely integrated. This allows it to assess your filters and other water management devices, so maintenance is kept up right when you need it, maintaining water quality for your entire family. The Hub and DROP Devices communicate to alert you to any:

  • Moisture detections, indicating leaks
  • Water pressure and flow, indicating taps that may have been left on
  • Temperatures, allowing you to stop water flow in case of freezing pipes
  • Filter and maintenance alerts
  • More!

Customize the notifications you receive on your smartphone so you can make informed decisions about how much water you’re using, if there is a hidden leak, if you’re at risk of burst pipes, when water systems need maintenance, and more.

Preserve your water, spend less on water per month, and avoid costly repairs due to unforeseen damages that DROP Leak Detection can now alert you to.

How Does DROP Water Leak Detector System Work?

drop valve connection

The DROP Hub communicates with DROP devices to monitor water pressure, moisture levels, and temperatures. The hub and the DROP devices alert you if there is continuous water running or water pressure, freezing temperatures, unexpected moisture levels, and more.


These notifications come directly to your smartphone. From there, you can choose to stop the water flow at certain areas, perfect for when the kids leave the water running, the hose connection has a leak, or the unexpected cold nights put you at risk for burst pipes.


The DROP hub operates on both home WiFi and radio wave signals – so if your WiFi goes out, you can still receive notifications, wherever you are. This allows you total control so you can make live updates to your home water system in any conditions.

Why Invest in the DROP Water Management System

DROP Leak Detection and Home Management System put the control of your home’s water directly in your pocket. Homeowners no longer have unexpected high water bills with the water monitoring system, allowing you total access to how much water you’re using, where and when. This can decrease your water bills and help you conserve water, staying eco-friendly and mindful.

More than anything, the DROP Leak Detection System prevents homeowners from having to call in for emergency water repairs. With DROP, you are aware of minor leaks before they become major catastrophes, and you are alerted to sudden leaks or malfunctions instantly. No more surprise puddles, no more monitoring the temperature each night, no more sudden burst pipes.

Stay in control with the DROP Water Management System and Leak Detection System. Use less water, save more money, avoid water utility malfunctions. Spend wiser, stay safer. Contact National Water Service today to learn how a DROP Water Management System could save you money and gift you peace of mind, no matter where you are.