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RADON REDUCTION SYSTEMS: There are three methods to reduce or remove radon and other volatiles from water supplies; Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Spray Aeration, and Direct Aeration (Best). GAC reduces radon by 70-94% up to 2500 Pi/L, Spray Aeration reduces radon by 75-99.9% up to 25,000 Pi/L, and Direct Aeration typically removes greater than 99% consistently at all levels.

1. Granular Activated Charcoal (no backwash valve) with 12×52 Twin Hard Shell Carbon Tanks, up to 75-95% radon removal

2. Spruce AirRaider up to 95% – 99% (optional built in pump)

3. Re-Pressurization (water pressure booster)

      a. Bubble-Up with Built in Pump (Less Expensive, More Prone to Breakdowns)



At National Water Service we only install the best non-proprietary equipment on the market. This allows customers flexibility in their water treatment choices both for installation & service.

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Radon Remediation System with Water Pressure Booster

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