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A Quality submersible Well Warranty Pump in Maryland

Suffering from low water pressure, inadequate water quality, or do you know that your well pump is going bad and it’s time for a replacement? National Water Service has the last residential water pump you will ever need with our Lifetime Warranty Water Pumps in Maryland*!


Reliable service from trusted professionals, our Lifetime Warranty Well Pumps* ensure that your home’s well pump will be covered for your lifetime in your home. 


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  • New homeowners
  • Well pump replacements
  • New well pump installations
  • Homeowners experiencing fluctuating water pressure
  • Frequently used well pumps
  • High sediment-water areas
  • And more!

A Reliable Submersible well pump

National Water Service’s submersible well pump products are designed using high quality stainless steel and premium polymers.  These two materials work efficiently to give you years of trouble-free performance.

When it comes to providing you and your family with nature’s most valuable resource, count on National Water Service to install your water pump so you and your family can be worry-free and have water when and where you want it!

National Water Service Lifetime Warranty Well Pump
Note: A Lifetime Well Pump Warranty is offered exclusively through National Water Service. Call Us for eligibility requirements.

Lifetime Well Pump Warranty Applications

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Your Next Submersible Well Pump

A Submersible Well Pump Installation for Your Home

new well pump replacement in maryland one woman and one child washing handsOver 350,000 homes in Maryland rely on well water for their daily drinking water, cleaning water, and more. This means you are not only responsible for ensuring your water quality is safe and healthy, it’s up to you to ensure your water pressure and well are taken care of properly. So what does this entail?

Not only should your well water be tested regularly for contaminants, but you also want to ensure your well pump is functioning properly. A well pump is lowered into your well to draw water up for distribution through the plumbing system of your home, and if this starts to go bad you can experience a variety of issues.

Consistent access to water is a part of your daily life, so you don’t want your home having trouble accessing such a vital resource. This is where a properly functioning, high-quality submersible well pump comes in.

When to replace a Submersible Well Pump

Fluctuating Water Pressure

A well pump that is going bad can cause fluctuating water pressure. This is due to the water not being drawn up through the water pump properly, causing inconsistent pressure that affects your showers, kitchen faucets, and more.

Dirty Water

A bad submersible well pump can also cause dirty water. This is due to the well pump allowing dirt and other sediments to contaminate the water and be pushed up through the pipes. You’ll notice a sudden odor, discoloration, or even dirt its self in your drinking glasses.

Abnormal Noises

If your well water pump isn’t working correctly then you may hear odd or unusual noises coming from your water tank. Sometimes this is from air getting into the bladder, which can also be caused by leaks in your well pump. Once you start to notice strange, consistent noises, you should call National Water Service.

Spluttering Faucets

Just like you may notice fluctuating water pressure, spitting faucets are another sign of a bad well pump. When the water is not drawn up through the pump at the same pressure then it will cause spluttering or spitting faucets as the pump pushes water up and out. A new well pump can turn your sputtering faucets into a consistent, reliable flow.

Increase in Electric Bills

Noticing higher electric bills and not sure what the culprit is? It could be that your current well pump is running consistently to try and move water up as it’s demanded. Your well pump shouldn’t be straining constantly to work, so get a water professional to your house ASAP if you think this is the reason for higher energy bills.

Submersible Well Pump Maintenance

Well pumps are one of those items that don’t require a lot of maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can set them and forget them. Unless you have a lifetime well pump warranty from National Water Service for your home, you want to be aware of what can cause your well water pump to fail so you can catch it in time.

Contact your local water professionals if you fear your well pump is going bad or if you need to schedule maintenance because it’s been a while since your water quality and well pump was checked for efficiency.

Causes for Submersible Well Pump Replacement


The first thing to consider when you fear your water well pump is going bad is its age: when was it installed? If it was already installed before you bought the home, try to verify its age or talk with your local water professionals about some regular maintenance. Well pumps can last around 15 years, sometimes longer but sometimes much less based on other factors. The only way to know for sure is to get a water crew out to discuss the problem.

Poor Water Quality

Sediments can clog a well water pump, causing its lifespan to be much shorter. Contaminants not only are harmful to your water but also your water equipment, and this includes your well pump. If you know you have poor water quality it could be causing your well pump to fail, requiring a new well pump installation to continue to have access to regular water.

Low Water or Dry Well

Has your area experienced a drought or do you naturally have low water levels in your area? A well pump running in a dry well can cause the equipment to burn out. You may be looking at a new well pump replacement if your pump has been running during a drought or has been working overtime to pull low water levels through your plumbing.

Small Water Tank or Well Pump

Well pumps run when water tanks are low on water. If your household is using more water than comfortably fits in your water tank, this means your well pump is running harder than it was designed. Sometimes your well pump may also be too low quality to keep up with your home’s demand, shortening your water supply and burning out the well pump early.

Power Outage

Have you experienced a power outage recently? This can cause problems to your well pump. If your area has frequent power outages, or you had a prolonged one, this can cause issues with your water. Perhaps your well pump didn’t kick back on, or maybe it worked in overdrive to compensate for a low water tank or other issues. Follow up with a local water company if you fear a power outage did damage to your well pump.

Taking Care of your submersible well pump

Maryland’s “Be Well Wise” information is all about ensuring homeowners who are on well water care for their water properly to ensure safe, quality water access at all times.

If you’re on well water, make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure not only a well-running water pump but also quality water access. It’s up to you, if you are on well water, to be aware of your area and your equipment to provide safe water for your family.

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