Reliable Water Heaters for Sale in Maryland





National Water Service aims to always deliver the best high-quality service to our customers. This is why we have a variety of water heaters for sale that include propane, natural gas, electric, and hybrid models for your home water heating needs.

No matter how much hot water your family uses, from several kids clamoring for a shower at once to a smaller household, we have options and sizes to fit your needs, space, budget, and energy goals.

Browse our water heaters for sale to get an idea of the best model for you. If you have questions, contact us to discuss your home’s needs. We have tried to include the most information possible to help you determine the ideal water heater for your house but we are always happy to provide recommendations and help you feel confident in your decision.

Electric Water Heaters

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Select electric water heater sizes and brands have optional features, including short or tall size options and blankets for insulation. We offer a 4-year warranty kit, and some select models have a 6- or 8-year warranty option.


Electric water heaters are a great option for many households because they are readily available and simple to install, they come with lower upfront costs, are safe to operate, and have energy-efficient options. Electric water heaters have longer lifespans than gas water heaters, lasting between 10 to 15 years on average before a replacement is needed.


However, electric water heaters also have a longer heating time so you don’t always get hot water instantaneously, and if the power goes out you lose your warm water. Although they are energy efficient compared to other models, they do increase your electric bill, especially if you use a lot of hot water in your home.


Take into consideration the current hook-ups you use for your water heater, how much hot water you use on average in a day or week, the space allotted for a water heater, and your current energy usage when considering an electric water heater and what size would benefit your home the most.


Rheem models offer optional Powervent or Atmospheric Vents on select sizes. We offer a 4-year warranty kit on our liquid propane water heaters for sale.


The pros of a liquid propane water heater include lower operating costs, less space required, a continuous hot water supply, reduced risk of losing hot water in a power outage, and better efficiency rates closely aligned with the usage of an electric water heater.


The cons of propane water heaters, however, are that they are less safe than an electric water heater because they pose the risk of propane leaks. If you don’t already have a propane water heater system in place, it can also be more costly to switch over to a propane water heater system. Propane water heaters also have an average of 12 years as their lifespan, and therefore are more likely to need to be replaced before an electric water heater option.


When thinking of a propane water heater for your home, consider your existing water heater hook-up and power, if you are in a location that suffers from frequent power outages, if you are looking for an option that delivers immediate and continuous hot water, and what your electric bills and energy efficiency currently are.

Pressure tank, Sediment Filter, Solution Feeder, Water Heater, Water Softener and a Reverse Osmosis


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Some optional features depending on brand and size include tall or short sizes, atmospheric or power vents, and 6- or 8-year warranties. Our standard warranty option is 4 years on all models.


The pros of a natural gas water heater is that it can generally cost less to operate than an electric water heater in the long run, and it heats up your water quicker than an electric water heater can. Natural gas water heaters will also continue to provide you with hot water if your power goes out.


However, natural gas water heaters have the con of costing more to install, especially if you do not already have a gas water heater, and these can be considered less safe due to a possibility of a gas leak. Their lifespan averages about 8 to 12 years, which is lower than the average lifespan of an electric water heater.


The energy efficiency of a natural gas water heater varies, although Rheem is a top-rated brand for energy-efficient natural gas water heaters. We carry various sizes of natural gas water heaters to fit your needs and keep your home running environmentally friendly if a natural gas water heater is what you want for your home.


Hybrid water heaters are considered much more energy-efficient than a standard electric water heater, and therefore are one of the more popular water heater options for energy efficiency. They are best installed in homes that already have an electric water heater, vs trying to switch from gas to a hybrid model.

Hybrid water heaters cost more than a standard electric water heater model and are generally larger in size so they do not always fit an existing water heater space.

Hybrid options can have many pros and cons depending on the size of the space you have allotted for your water heater, what your current hook-up is, and how much hot water you use in a day. Talk to us about if a hybrid water heater is a good option for you.

Constant Water Pressure Control Box with Manifold and Hot Water Heater


With four popular models to choose from, selecting the right water heater type, brand, and size for your home can seem difficult, but we promise to make it easy. Give us a call to discuss warranty options, installation costs, the best brand, model, and type for your home, and what we can do for you.

With the experts from National Water Service helping you, you will wonder why you did not call us sooner for a new water heater for sale to improve the warmth and comfort of your home. Having over 40 years of trusted community service, we can provide you the best new water heater to keep your home running smoothly.