Taste and Odor Issues

Taste and Odors



Taste and odor issues 

  • Chlorine, Chloramines, Chlorine Dioxide – (chlorinous, bleach smell or taste)
  • Geosmin, 2-Methyl Isoborneol – (earthy, dirt odor) (musty, wet mulch odor)
  • Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (solvent, petroleum taste/odor)
  • Hydrogen sulfide – (rotten egg)
  • Iron – (metallic taste, rust color)
  • Manganese – (metallic taste, brown/black color, staining)
  • Minerals (TDS) & Metals Hardness – (salty/bitter taste)
  • Chlorides – (salty/mineral taste)
  • Sulfate – (salty/mineral taste)
  • Corrosion products – Aluminum,Copper, Zinc, suspended iron (Al – cloudy; Cu++ – metallic taste/green or blue color; Iron-rust – metallic taste, rust color)
  • PH – pH < 6.5 (acidic/bitter taste) pH > 8.5 (alkaline/slippery taste-feel)


Harmful Effects


  • Chlorine – mouth/skin irritation (disinfection byproducts (TTHM’s,HAA5’s, etc.) – carcinogenic)
  • Geosmin/MIB – none documented
  • Chlorophenols – carcinogenic, liver/kidney damage
  • MTBE – none documented at < 0.04 mg/L (USEPA)
  • Petroleum products: Benzene, Xylenes – anemia, carcinogenic, nervous system damage
  • Copper – gastrointestinal distress, liver/kidney damage, Wilson’s disease
  • Sulfate – laxative effects
  • Overall poor taste/odor – indirectly may contribute to dehydration due to low consumption of water
  • pH < 6.5 – corrosion by-products (lead, copper, etc)


Treatment Options






Smelly Water
Corroded Magnesium anode rod being removed from a water heater
City Water In-Home Water Treatment. A Reverse Osmosis for up too 99.9% contaminant free cooking & drinking water, a Water Softener for Hard Water and a Carbon Tank
Solution Feeder
a water softener, a sediment filter, an acid neutralizer, a multimedia tank, a reverse osmosis and a pressure tank
Ozone Filter System
Carbon tank for the remediation of cancer causing radon in water, a Water Softener for hard hard water and an Iron Breaker/Sulfur Breaker Tank

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