Best Water Treatment Company in Clarksville, MD

For Over 40 Years We’ve Been Trusted with Residential and Commercial Water Filtration

Under the sink home water serviceClean water is your first step to healthy living, whether you own a home or own a commercial business. National Water Service has been serving Clarksville and near-by areas for over 40 years, earning repeat customers and client dedication that has lasted decades.


It is important to us that you receive the best water testing, treatment, and well services available to you, which is what we are here for. From water specialists to employing a master plumber, we want to make sure you only need to contact one business to have all your water needs covered.


With our team at your service, you can get back to focusing on the other aspects of life, letting us handle the replacements and repairs for a better home. We provide free consults, discounts for new customers, and ensure our customer satisfaction is a five star rating, every time. 

Your Home’s Water Filtration System Comes First

Home water service

Owning a home comes with a lot of water care. Luckily for you, our team manages every need you have, regardless of the size of the job.


When you can call one business for all your home water needs, it provides you with dependability and the highest guarantee possible. Just a few of the things we can do for you and your family’s home includes:



We have experience treating lead and radon, and softening up hard water levels. City water, country water, county supplied and wells all need to be checked and treated with care.


Our plumber is also on hand for bathroom or kitchen remodels, granting you the space you want with the cleanest water on-hand. A free analysis can be scheduled today, reach out to us for details.  

Your Business Has Water Needs, Let Us Serve You

Commercial water service tank and employee

Owning your own business is a satisfying feeling, and you feel proud every time you serve your clients and employees. Give them the best by trusting us with your water system needs.


All around Clarksville and near-by areas our team has been trusted by government and non-government owned companies for their water systems. We work alongside local construction firms, builders, and architects in order to create custom applications for water purifications and treatments, giving you the best your business can get.


Hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and local offices have all trusted us to treat their water and provide water storage and flood prevention systems. It’s our trenching, boosts and tanks knowledge, and availability to work with low yielding wells and irrigation systems alike that makes us a top company for commercial water needs. 

We Provide Clarksville the Highest Customer Satisfaction

Water service employee managing a wellClient satisfaction is our top goal with every install and repair we complete. We employ professionally trained specialists in both water treatment and purification, as well as in pump services.


For decades we have held an unblemished record, and it allows us create repeat clients we enjoy assisting no matter where life takes them. With reasonable, competitive rates, we stay within budget without sacrificing quality.


These achievements allow us to invest in job training, classrooms, and proper equipment so we are always ahead of the game. Our tools include underground line finders, pump hoists, and well cameras to fit a variety of needs.


We adhere to all guidelines, provide tidy system install, and always follow-up with an inspection to confirm our services were completed correctly. Additionally, we are around every day of the week for emergency services, so you don’t have to wait till Monday rolls around.


With our highest investment in our customers, why would you go anywhere else?