Water Testing for Better Quality Water

Residential & Commercial Water Analysis

Professional water analysis is vital to understanding the quality of your water and working towards safer water for your home or business. Cleaner water provides better health benefits, removes the risk of a water-born illness, improves cleanliness, and has a better taste and smell.


While at-home water kits can give you a brief overview of your water’s quality, a professional water analysis service in Maryland will thoroughly examine your water and your water equipment with professional equipment to ensure you’re getting the safest water possible.


Our company will conduct a water test that examines your tap water, well water, and analyzes if the state of your pipes or well is harming your water. From pH levels to overall water hardness and more, professional water testing near you is the way to go to ensure you catch any and all local contaminants that may be found in your water.

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National Water Service’s Water Analysis Checks For:

* Optional tests available upon request, may require additional charge


On city water? Check out the EWG site to see what it’s your tap water based on your zip code!


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Benefits of Professional Water analysis

Working with professionals for your lead water test or well water testing in md provides you access to knowledgable experts who can not only provide professional-grade equipment but also recommendations on how to improve your water quality.

At National Water Service, we are familiar with what contaminants are most common for your specific area, so no matter if you need residential water testing in Howard County, water testing in Highland, or commercial water testing in Baltimore County, we know what to look for and how to tackle it.

Water analysis Can Diagnose and Improve:

When Should You Schedule Water analysis

When You are Purchasing a New Home or Property

Don’t risk buying the perfect home at a great rate if the water has poor or low quality. A water treatment system can rectify any issues and remove any contaminants, but if the water is a health risk, the pipes are eroding, or the well needs updating, you want to know about the cost before the deal is done.

If Your Water has a Smell or Odor

Water should be odorless and tasteless when on it’s own. Whether you notice a strange odor or taste from your tap water, shower water, or laundry water, it’s important to schedule a water test ASAP.

Odors and tastes in your water can indicate contaminants that may put you at risk for illness or may be affecting your cleanliness, like harming your hair or staining your clothes. A professional pH water test and standard water test can help identify the source of the odor or taste and allow for an effective water treatment system to be installed.

If Your Water is Cloudy

Cloudy water isn’t a good sign of high water quality. Water contaminants can give your water a cloudy appearance, and that isn’t something you want to be drinking, cooking, or cleaning with.

No filter can properly rid your water of contaminants the same way a professional water treatment system can, so request a water test today from National Water Service to find out what is causing cloudy water and how you can correct it.

Unexplained Illnesses

If you or someone in your home or building is experiencing unexplained illnesses, low-quality water could be the issue. A professional water testing company can check for any issues that may cause illnesses, and this is especially important for schools or homes with young children, as kids can be more susceptible to illnesses from poor water quality.

Stay ahead of the risk with annual water testing in md. Working with the same company allows you to know if your water test results show any abnormalities before a problem begins.

You’re Having a Baby or Welcoming Children Into Your Home

Children and pregnant women are more susceptible to some water contaminants than adults. If you’ve been drinking your tap water for years without any ill effects but are now welcoming children into your home, or are pregnant, it’s important to get the water test ASAP to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Some water contaminants can take time to build up in the system and cause illness. Don’t wait weeks or months for someone to show symptoms when you can schedule an affordable water test today with National Water Service.

Recent Chemical Spill, Leak, or Environmental Change Near You

Both well water and city water can be affected by chemical leaks and spills, and environmental changes in the area. This is because water and other contaminants often move through the ground and soil before being collected in a well or city water center. Keep an eye on the news to ensure your water isn’t being affected by an environmental change.

Websites, like the EWG, will also help you stay up to date on the quality of your local city water. Utilize all local water professionals near you to ensure your water is safe for consumption and use.


Water quality is not a one-and-done deal, unfortunately. Pipe lifespan, the unpredictability of city water sites, well changes, and environmental impacts can all change your water quality. The only way to ensure your water is healthy and safe is to schedule an annual water test. This will keep you ahead of any pipe erosion, well disrepairs, or changes in city water before it affects your health and home.

What Happens After water analysis

Water TestingIf your hard water test or other water test comes back clear, you can have peace of mind that your tap water is safe for cooking, cleaning, and consumption. This is not always the case, however, and National Water Service has everything you need to correct a failing radon water test or other water test issues.

We offer the following water treatment solutions when your water test comes back with results that need tackled: