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National water service employees trenchingYou use your water every day, in multiple ways, so shouldn’t you know its quality and treatment levels? As a homeowner or business owner, you need the right water services to keep the water in your pipes flowing freely and staying healthy. 


Whether you are relying on your water quality levels for your morning coffee, are in need of a bathroom remodel, or have a well pump that needs serviced, Natural Water Services has the equipment and experience for you.


For over 40 years we’ve been in your Highland local community, providing free basic water analysis, setting the highest standard for water purification, and taking on jobs big or small. From flood prevention to water storage systems, our team is able to provide for you. With a master plumber on staff, we are your one-stop-shop for all water servicing needs. 

Residential Water Care, for Your Family’s Well-Being

National Water service workers working on a well

A home’s top priority is the water it provides. Nothing can feel more stressful as a homeowner than contaminants in the water levels, damaging the water quality for yourself and your family.  


From a well system to city water, a water’s quality varies in every neighborhood, and that’s why getting water tests should always be a homeowner’s first concern. We provide a free basic analysis, following up with reasonable rates for any extensive testing that may be required, so you can feel confident the job has been completed to the highest standard. 


Once we’ve completed any home installs or repairs, we leave your water area neat and tidy, making the simple tasks like changing a filter or adding a solution tank a breeze for you when it becomes time.


As a bonus we also rely on non-proprietary systems for the majority of problems we handle when we can: these systems rarely become obsolete and can cost less, giving you reliability within your budget. It’s your home, treat it with the best you can. 

Commercial Water Services, At Your Doorstep

Commercial water serviceOur commercial water capabilities are promised to you with a satisfaction guarantee. We handle commercial water treatment and testing, flood  prevention systems, well pumps, and water storage ranging from irrigation storage to low yield wells.


With a friendly, dedicated staff we can also provide pumps, tanks, boosters, crane services, and trenching for your business. From business offices to food services, we have the tools you need, even reversing osmosis related to varying issues.


Give us a call to discuss your business options today, because we offer almost everything a business owner may need, all within one team. 

All Around Emergency Water Services

Water service, residence water break

If you have a break in your system after business hours or conaminant levels are high, National Water Service is here for you with seven day emergency services, because sometimes waiting till Monday is not an option.


From pumps to pipes, give us a call and we’ll work with you to ensure the issue is managed and you get back to your weekend, worry free. 


When you suspect contimentation, let us provide in-depth testing for Radon, Lead, Nitrate, Bacteria, E Coli, Coliform, Pharmaceuticals and much more. Our goal is to eliminate water issues, providing you with the safest, cleanest water. 


We Have the Water Filtration System for You, Highland

Clean water service projectFor over 30 years, our clients have trusted us to come back and service their systems that we originally installed years prior. This is because it isn’t just about your water, but your satisfaction and trust.


We have listened when you request plumbing services, and now our master plumber allows our team to service you for any project in any room of the house. We are able to redo a kitchen or bathroom, repair water heaters, and install gas lines for outdoor grills and generators.


The best tools in the industry are what we count on, like well cameras, underground line finders, and pump hoists, because we want you up and running right away. 

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