Sediment and Particles in Water

Sediment/Particles in water

Sediment can consist of sand, rocks, and minerals, or may consist of organic particles of plants and microbes. Sediment in the water can cause wear to plumbing, pumps, and water appliances or even create clogs throughout the water system to reduce the flow of water.


Harmful Effects


  • Bacteria and viruses survive longer in sediment than they do in the water
  • Clog plumbing


Treatment Options


  • 10 Inch Whole House Sediment Filter
  • 20 inch sediment Filter
  • Irrigation Sediment Filter System
  • Sleeve Well Pump
  • Raise Well Pump


Whole House Sediment Filter displaying different levels of sediment
Sediment Filter filled with Ants
Old Steel Well Water Casing flaking off into a whole house Sediment Filter
Whole House Sediment Filter
A Whole House Sediment Filter and a Constant Water Pressure System
Irrigation Sediment Filter, Solution Feeder
sleeving a well pump

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