9 Reasons You Need Annual Water Testing for Your Home

Everyone knows the importance of water testing for a new home – you want to ensure your pipes, well, water system, and more are functioning properly and providing healthy water for you and your family before you approve the purchase of your new home.

Many homeowners, however, do not keep testing their home water after the initial purchase of their house. If you’ve been neglecting annual water testing, your water may have been contaminated over time or could be damaging your plumbing. Early signs of water contamination aren’t always evident and could be eroding your pipes or damaging your laundry without you knowing.

Don’t wait for signs of dirty water, like bad odors or a brown tint. Instead, stay on top of annual water testing with a yearly schedule. Working with a reputable company for your water testing means preventing pipes from eroding, staying ahead of illnesses found in dirty water, and being alerted to any changes in your area’s water before it hits a critical level.

Check out our 9 reasons to test your home water regularly and how it benefits your budget, health, and community. 

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9 Benefits of Home Water Testing Every Year

1. Catch and Treat Dirty Water

It’s a myth that dirty water will always present with odors or discoloration. The fact is, most water contaminations can start off subtly and with minimal signs that are hardly noticeable. Over time, the signs may worsen, but by then the issues have been building for months or even years.

You don’t want to wait until your pipes erode, your water smells, or you notice stains in your bathtub from dirty water. Instead, you can get ahead of costly repairs and treatments with annual water testing that stops bacteria before it’s too late.  

2. Prioritize Your Health and Wellness

Side effects of dirty water can include joint pain, headaches, diarrhea, weakening organs, stomach pain, UTIs, and more. Kids and pets are just as susceptible and may exhibit signs of nausea, not eating, lethargy, and more.

Annual home water testing allows you to take proactive steps to preserve your health and the well-being of your loved ones in your home. It’s not worth the risk to let dirty water build in your system – stop feeling sick and start taking action so your water can benefit your health, not hurt it. 

3. Prevent Waterborne Illnesses

Not only does clean home water allow you to feel better, clean home water will help prevent waterborne illnesses from occuring in your home.

Dirty water weakens the immune system but in some cases, it is contaminated with bacteria that can actively make you or your loved ones sick. Regular water testing provides an early warning system, allowing you to take preventative measures and protect your household from potential health hazards. 

4. Protect Immunocompromised or Vulnerable Family Members

Children, the elderly, and those who are immunocompromised may be more at risk of dirty water vs those with average or above-average health and immune systems. By staying on top of annual home water testing, you are protecting those who may be vulnerable to sickness at even the lightest amount of bacteria.

Annual water testing ensures that you can create a safe environment for everyone in your home. Host holidays, parties, guests, and more without having to worry if you’re in-fridge water filter is doing enough to protect against what you don’t know. 

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5. Maintain Water Quality Standards

Many organizations, both state and county, have regulations for what meets an acceptable standard of water quality. These standards help protect your health, the environment, infrastructure, and more.

By completing annual water testing of your home, you are helping to ensure your part in maintaining healthy and safe water quality standards. The more fit your water is for consumption, the better your area, neighborhood, county, state, and more. 

6. Preserve Plumbing Infrastructure

Did you know contaminants in water can lead to corrosion and damage your plumbing infrastructure over time? This can lead to major plumbing leaks, corroded pipes, lead in your water worn away from your pipes, and more.

By identifying and mitigating potential issues through regular water testing, you can extend the lifespan of your pipes and appliances. So next time a dishwasher or showerhead is failing early, consider the state of your water and if it is affecting your home’s efficiency.  

7. Meet Legal Obligations

In many areas, there are legal requirements for water quality testing, especially for private wells and water sources outside the city. Annual home water testing ensures that you meet these regulatory obligations, preventing potential legal complications in the future.

Always ensure your home’s well water is safe and free of contaminants that may go against legal code. It is up to you to do your best to ensure your well water is providing safe water and isn’t leaking harmful water into the environment. 

8. Improve Home Value

If you’re planning to sell your home, water testing is often a necessary step in the property transaction process. Having up-to-date and comprehensive water quality reports can expedite the sale by providing potential buyers with peace of mind.

The further back your water testing goes, the better for your home’s value overall. You want to be able to provide documentation and clear records of safe water that the next family can trust. Don’t wait until it’s time to sell, stay on top of water testing to prove safe pipes, a clean well, and long-lasting appliances. 

9. Help Monitor Environmental Conservation

Being aware of the quality of your water extends beyond personal health – it is also a matter of environmental responsibility. Regular testing allows you to address issues promptly, preventing harmful substances from entering the broader ecosystem.

You can be the first line of defense in detecting harmful water, both from wells and from the city. Working with professional water companies allows you to alert the right officials if something off is detected in the water and get it corrected as soon as possible. 

9 Reasons You Need Annual Water Testing for Your Home

Annual Home Water Testing Benefits Everyone – Schedule Today

Annual water testing is not just a recommended practice; it’s a vital step in safeguarding your health, complying with regulations, and contributing to environmental conservation. By prioritizing water quality, you are making a conscious effort to ensure a healthier and safer living environment for yourself and future generations in your neighborhood.

Scheduling water testing is easy – get a hold of a local water company near you, set up a water testing appointment, and consult on your next steps if something looks amiss. This allows you to monitor your water, health, and more. And yes, it is more affordable than you think – request a quote for water testing in Maryland to learn more.

Water Testing FAQ

You want to do home water testing at least once a year – possibly more if there is a leak or other contamination alert in your area. If you notice pipes eroding or issues with your well, you may also need additional water testing to determine the cause of failure. 

DIY testing kits can provide basic insights, but for comprehensive and accurate results, professional water testing is advisable. A local water company can also help you understand the results and submit any concerning findings to the right officials for better water improvement. 

Health risks from dirty water include waterborne diseases, gastrointestinal issues, and long-term health effects, depending on the contaminants present. You may notice increased inflammation, nausea, organ problems, skin discolorations, joint pain, and more. In pets, they may become lethargic and refuse to eat. 

Professional water testing usually covers all household water sources, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. This can help you improve your cooking water, laundry water, and bathing experience for positive results throughout your home. 

Yes, many contaminants are odorless and tasteless, making regular testing essential for a complete evaluation. Do not wait until you notice signs like stained sinks, brown water, leaky pipes, torn clothes, and more.