5 Easiest Ways to Test Your Home Water Quality in Maryland

To ensure good health, we make sure that the water we drink is clean. If you notice any odors or changes of taste in your tap water, the water may be contaminated and need water treatments.  

In Maryland, of the 3300 public drinking water systems, about 100 had violations for lead or copper contaminations and 168 systems had violations for mercury or nitrate contamination.

This is why it’s important to regularly test your water and contact a local Water Treatment Company in Maryland if you suspect you have issues that need to be corrected. 

It’s always a good idea to get the quality of your water tested, even without obvious signs. There are multiple ways to check the quality of water, the best ones are mentioned below along with what to look for when testing water quality by yourself.

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Test strips help maintain water quality in maryland

National Water Service: Contact your water supplier if you think your house water is dirtyTest strips are the most common way to check the quality of Maryland water. They’re affordable, easy to use and present results in no time.  

There are various brands selling test kits and the instructions might vary from brand to brand but the basic steps are as follows:

  • Take a water sample in a container
  • Dip the test strip in the water for about a minute or two
  • Take the strip out of the water and compare its colour to the colour chart provided with the kit
  • The colour change will indicate the presence of a certain chemical in the water


Generally, these tests are used to measure the pH or chlorine amount in the water. The pro with these tests is that they are very quick, but at the same time somewhat inaccurate. Completely relying on these test results wouldn’t be a wise decision, it’s advised you use a more accurate test.

Test strips are recommended when you suspect something and need a short term test. For better water quality testing, contact National Water Service

Colour Disk Kits Can Determine if You Need Water Quality Solutions

National Water Service: bacteria in water can mean mold, ecoli, or other parasitesColour Disk kits are another way of determining the quality of water in Maryland. They are slightly more complex in comparison to regular test strips.  

With the help of this test, you will be able to tell the concentration of certain chemicals in the water. In order to perform the test, first get a water sample, preferably in a test tube. Add a few drops of reagent or the powder provided in the kit, after which the water should change its colour.

The colour of the water is then compared with the colour disk and accordingly the concentration is determined. This way of testing is more accurate than test strips, but also slightly more complex.

But it’s worth it as with this test you get much more detailed information about the contents in the water, with which you can find ways to get it treated and determine which water quality solutions are right for you. If you’re not sure, contact your local Maryland Water Company

Our Maryland Water Company Always Says: Rely on Your Senses

National Water Service: Warning signs in your house waterThis is probably the easiest way of all to test the quality of water at your home. The task here is to smell, taste, and visually examine the water.  

Different water odors and tastes suggest the presence of distinct chemicals. A bleach smell is identified when chlorine is added to your water by your local treatment plant. It’s usually not harmful & the smell usually disappears when the water is exposed to air for a while. Installing a whole house water filter system can solve this problem.

If the water smells like a rotten egg, it probably hosts bacteria. This problem can’t be solved at home and you’ll have to call your local municipality or Maryland water company in Highland.

A musty smell indicates the presence of decaying organic matter. It’s okay however to drink the water, the smell might be bothersome but the water is harmless. To be sure, though, conduct a thorough water test.

Another way to determine the quality of water is by tasting it. If the water tastes metallic, that’s usually caused by low pH levels or in some cases excess minerals in the water. Rusty pipes are the main cause of mineral saturation.

If the water tastes salty, it’s probably because of chloride ions. These ions might be present in the water due to industrial waste or irrigation drainage.

If the water tastes too strong of anything, contact the local municipality immediately and reach out to a Highland Water Company to discuss water quality solutions. 

Finally, a visual inspection can indicate the quality of water in Maryland. Fill a glass with water after letting it flow for a couple of minutes-to empty any buildup from standing water. Hold the glass against bright light and note the presence of any particles. Discolored water isn’t a good sign either. Contact your local water company if anything seems unusual or off so you can get it tested and fixed as soon as possible. 

Maryland Water Companies May Use Hand-held Digital Instruments

motor test toolIf you’re fixated on getting more accurate results, you should use digital instruments for water testing in Maryland. Comparatively, they are much more accurate than the previously mentioned methods but are also slightly more costly.

The instruments that are most commonly used are digital meters, colorimeters, and photometers. It is true that these devices need proper calibration and training to operate well, which is often why it’s best to call a water company for professional water testing in Highland

When in doubt: Professional Lab Tests for water

There are multiple ways to check the quality of water. The market also has a lot of devices that can be used for household purposes. But to be 100 percent sure, it’s best that you perform lab tests.  

To get your water tested you are required to send a water sample to the water testing labs. Commonly more than a dozen tests are conducted in the lab, namely temperature testing pH testing, Chloride test, Salinity test, Dissolved Oxygen test, Turbidity test, Nitrate, and Phosphate test, test for Pesticides, Redox test, test for Electrical Conductivity and detection of metal compounds. This provides thorough, complete results you can trust. 

Extra tips for water testing in maryland

The cause for impure water doesn’t always have to be very scientific. It can be as simple as a rusted pipe. Yes, pipes that are in use for too long develop a good amount of corrosion, and anything extra gets dissolved in the water. If you’re doubtful about your pipes being rusty contact a plumber in Maryland and get it inspected.  

Remember, even if you have the slightest doubt of your water being impure, get it tested. Ignoring it will cause nothing but health issues in the long run and that’s not good.

Normally, the methods mentioned above should be enough but if you think the issue is severe a lab test would be best – your local water company is only a call away to consult and assist!