4 Reasons Why You Need a Plumber for Your Kitchen Remodel

When planning for your kitchen remodel, it’s important you hire all of the experts – an expert contractor, a great inspector, and a qualified residential plumber. While it may seem tempting to DIY your plumbing or trust remodelers to run through the inspection for you, that can actually lead to more headaches down the line.

A professional plumber can help with your kitchen remodel to ensure your kitchen is up to code and won’t fail inspection, can ensure there are no leaks or gaps during the remodeling process, and help with faster plumbing installations like new faucets and dishwashers vs traditional remodeling contractors (plus – plumbers handle the gas plumbing for new gas appliance installation).

Don’t leave water damage or leaks to chance on a new kitchen investment – schedule a plumber to help with your kitchen remodeling project today.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Plumber for Your Kitchen Remodel

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber During Your Remodel

1. Plumbing Codes and Regulations

The top reason to hire a plumber during your kitchen remodel is to ensure your new kitchen meets all local plumbing codes and regulations. It’s not just about water plumbing – it’s about leak detection and gas line plumbing for home safety.

Following your kitchen remodel, you’ll need to have your new kitchen inspected. This ensures it meets all code and safety requirements for your city or county. By not bringing in a professional plumber during a kitchen remodel, you risk failing your inspection and having to redo work at a later date.

While some homeowners skip an inspection following a DIY remodel, this can bring worse news later when trying to sell or appraise their home or get insurance coverage when something goes wrong – never leave the safety of your house to chance. Make sure a professional plumber installs all new pipes, faucets, gas plumbing, and more to make sure you won’t be denied insurance coverage if/when something goes wrong with the home.

2. Faster Faucet Installations, Dishwasher Hook-Ups, Gas Lines, and More

In addition to safety and staying up to code, professional plumbers work faster than DIY plumbing installations. Your local plumbing company can handle drain cleanings for optimal performance, new faucet installations with hardware, clean dishwasher hook-ups, under-the-sink water heaters, garbage disposal additions, gas line plumbing for gas appliances, and more.

By bringing in your plumber on the project from the get-go, you don’t need to worry about designing these updates on your own or at a later date. Your plumber can work directly with your remodeling contractors to expedite new updates so the finish is flawless and clean without any hold-ups.

If you delay contacting a plumber for your kitchen remodel, you risk back ordering new faucets, not saving enough space for hot water heaters, forgetting about water filtration tanks, and more that will mean more money and time in a construction zone.

3. Easier Access for Plumbing Maintenance in the Future

Hiring a plumber for your kitchen remodel isn’t just about helping with the remodel, it’s about planning for the future convenience of your home. Your professional plumbing company can consult with you and your remodeling company on plumbing maintenance and updates you have outlined for the future.

Your new kitchen design can include easy-access points for plumbing maintenance in the future, convenient water shut off and gas shut off valves for emergencies, and perfectly organized pipes and wires for all ice machines, dishwashers, and more.

Make your kitchen remodel work best for you by bringing in a plumber who can make kitchen maintenance a breeze in the future.

4. Quality Upgrades Done Once

At the end of the day, your professional plumbing company will make sure your kitchen only needs to be torn apart once for a beautiful remodel. If you wait to consult with a plumber, you risk having to go back and remodel sinks, countertops, and more to fit upgrades you want down the line.

Don’t say “oh, we’ll worry about that later” – bring in your plumber right away and review quality updates like water heaters, faucet replacements, water filtration, instant hot water access, garbage disposals, and more. This means not needing to re-replace a new sink with the proper fixtures; ensuring you have all the under-counter space needed for water upgrades; and not needing to rewire the plumbing for any updated refrigerators or dishwashers down the line.

One call, one job, make it easy. 

Consult with Professional Plumbers Today for Your Remodel

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We will test your water to make sure no lines were compromised during your remodel. This means the cleanest water possible. And you can properly plan for any water filtration you need to weed out city or natural contaminants in your area.

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With DROP water system management, you get alerts when leaks spring up in your home. Protect your new kitchen remodel with a service that notifies you directly on your phone if your plumbing is frozen or leaking. No more waking up to water damage surprises with the DROP leak management system.