What To Expect With a New Home On Well Water


Do you know what you can expect with a new home on well water? Buying or owning a home on well water does not need to be stressful, in fact, there are many benefits to having a home on a well vs. city-supplied water.


In this article, we will discuss the most common water quality issues you find with well water, the easy solutions, and maintenance you should monitor. At National Water Service, our well water treatment is personalized for your family’s water wants and needs, and our informative guide reflects our attempts to always personalize water treatment solutions. 

Step 1: Obtain a Professional Water Test


First, knowing what is in your water will help you navigate what water treatment solutions you need to invest in. Our National Water Service crew happily provides a no-charge water quality test. This free appointment will provide you with more in-depth information regarding the contaminants found in your water, so you know exactly what you are dealing with before we even get started.


Based on the results of the water test, our professional water technicians will discuss all of the findings with you to come to a proper treatment plan. If a water quality issue arises, our company will work with you step by step to find the best solution for the issue.


An installation or repair of any equipment may be needed to fix the issue, and following that project we will walk you through the new systems or repairs, how they work, what maintenance is required, and set up an annual schedule with a warranty to ensure a lifetime success of water treatment for your home. 


Step 2: Knowing the Common Water Quality Issues

There are numerous water quality issues that may arise after doing a professional water test. National Water Service provides many solutions to these problems, so you never need to worry about what your well water reveals. The three most common issues well water results turn up are hard water, acidic water, and unreliable water pressure.    


Handling Low Water Pressure on Well Water 

Water pressure issues are very common when your home pulls from well. Water pressure on well water ranges from variable pressure speeds, no or low water pressure, no control over the pressure, to having low yielding wells that can’t accommodate your family’s needs.


We offer a constant pressure system as well as clean water storage tanks, pressure booster pumps, different size water pressure tanks, and other pressure control systems to help compensate for a well that doesn’t give you the water pressure you want. If you are facing low pressure or no water, give us a call right away!


We have a 7-day-a-week, 365 days a year emergency service team that is ready to restore water to your home. Sometimes low water pressure is initiated by something as small as a clogged sediment filter, and other times it can mean you need a boost in your equipment. Whatever you’re up against, your local water company has the right solution for you. 


Hard Water Needs to be Treated with Well Water 


Hard Water is the total dissolved solids found in groundwater. Hard water can cause dryness in the skin and hair, create buildup in your pipes, spots and stains dishes, and fades clothing while harming appliances.


Solids in your water may also be harmful to your family and pets’ health, dependant on what solids they are. A Water Softener uses a process called ion exchange to help reduce hard water. A specific resin is added to the tank that eliminates dissolved minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Softeners use a brine or salt tank to clean the resin, which in turn helps reduce the hard water.


We offer several water softener systems that range in price, size, and function, so you can always find the proper solution. In a home with low pH, a water softener is often paired with an acid neutralizer to raise the pH from an acidic level to neutral so you never need to worry about a thing. 


Acidic Water Can Occur with Well Water

Acidic Water causes corrosion, staining, leeching, spots, and may shorten the lifespan of your appliances and pipes. Acidic water leaches lead out of your pipes and appliances and it then in turn it enters your water supply.


Lead in water is very harmful to your health, especially among young children and pregnant women. Acid Neutralizer and Chemical Feeders are the water treatment systems that will raise your pH, eliminating your acidic water and preventing corrosion and lead leaching!


Don’t Forget Well Water Equipment Maintenance

Yearly maintenance will extend the lifespan of your water equipment, giving you peace of mind and continuously clean tap water. We also offer a lifetime warranty if you choose to continue services with our company annually. On each service appointment, our technicians check to see if the equipment is working properly, they fix or replace anything if needed (such as adding more media to a tank), replace any sediment, or Reverse Osmosis filters among UV bulbs, o-rings, salt, and more. We will also test the water before and after every service to ensure your water treatment is functioning properly. Customer Service is always our #1 priority! 

In Conclusion

 Well water provides you with the freedom and flexibility of choice when it comes to your water equipment and usage. While well water, for the most part, does need some type of treatment, it comes without the added city water contaminants and chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, Trihalomethanes (THMs), nitrates, and more.


Most people are unaware that homes on city water may need water treatment to remove these harmful contaminants and city water quality guidelines vary county by county. EWG provides city water contamination information based on your zip code, if you are on city water vs well water. You may be surprised at what is in your city water based on EWG information, news reports, and more.


Like city water, well water may vary in quality and water volume but unlike local water systems, it is direct groundwater, which does not go through chemical filtering before consumption. The natural state of the well water provides a great taste, environmental friendliness, and purity. Well water also provides you with the freedom to install a water treatment and purification system specific to your wants and needs.

Contact us today to schedule your at-home water quality test! For more water quality issues examine our common water quality issues page.