A Solution Feeder and Solution Tank for pH and corrosion control, a Constant Water Pressure System, a pre and post treatment Sediment Filter and a Radon Reduction System for the remediation of cancer causing radon in waterWater Treatment Systems Maryland

The most common question our professional water company receives from new customers is “what water treatment systems do I have and what are their functions?”

When purchasing a new home, you also purchase all the water treatment systems the previous owners put in place. Without contacting a professional water company, it can be hard to know what makes up your water treatment system, and what your water maintenance is going to look like. Without knowing what your water treatment system is comprised of, you risk contaminates, odors, and possible illnesses.

In our experience over the years, we’ve noted that the majority of new homeowners are rarely given this information. We educate all of our customers with a thorough breakdown, whether they’re calling us for service on their new home or we’re providing them a new installation. Each customer receives a photograph fully labeled with each aspect of their water treatment system to identify the function of each piece of equipment. No matter what water company you work with, thorough knowledge is key to having safe water in your home. This information will help you manage maintenance, mitigate risks, and stay on a safe water testing schedule.

In the end, every home has different needs, from city water maintenance to well water testing. Your professional water company’s only focus should be to install only the needed water treatment equipment for your home’s specific needs. Everyone deserves safe, clean, potable water, and the proper treatment system can make that happen accompanied by water treatment knowledge and understanding.

The Benefits of a Water Treatment System for Your Home

If you don’t already have a water treatment system installed, it’s important to get water testing completed by a local professional water company as soon as possible. Professional water testing helps you understand what contaminants you may have in your water and how to maintain healthy drinking water for you and your family without risking illness. In Maryland alone, the risk of radon contamination is extremely high, among numerous other risks, including strong odors or discolorations.

Working with a professional water company like National Water Service offers DMV clients a safe, affordable solution to getting healthier water. No matter who you work with, here are some benefits most water companies should offer, as National Water Service does, guaranteed:

A Free Consultation

free consultation makes working with a professional water company like National Water Service a breeze. We send out one of our experienced water technicians to your home or office for a free consultation before we install any water treatment system. An experienced water technician will complete a professional water test, discuss the findings with you, outline the risks of the results, and propose a water treatment plan tailored to your specific water findings.

It is only after a free consultation that a water company should recommend a water treatment system. Every water source is different, no matter if you are in the same city or only moved one street over. A water treatment system should be personalized to your home or office, so you’re not expending resources on unnecessary equipment, or lacking in the proper equipment. Always discuss a free consultation before moving forward with a final purchase and install with the water company near you.

Safer, Cleaner Water

A water treatment system should always provide cleaner water for you and your family. With proper water assessment and equipment installation, a water treatment system removes impurities such as sediment, chlorine, radon, bacteria, and other contaminants from your water. Your water will also smell and taste better, removing the need for bottled water for drinking or cooking. Invest in a water treatment system to preserve the land by removing excess plastic water bottles from being needed in the home.

Eliminate Water Issues

Not only does a professional water company help you get safer, cleaner water, they also work to eliminate your water issues. National Water Service technicians specifically discuss pH levels and your hard water levels. Addressing hard water, soft water, low pH, or high pH helps prevent corrosion in your pipes as well as spotting on your dishes or stains on your appliances.

Additional benefits of a professional water company like National Water Service is that we do not only provide water treatment systems, we can offer complete water control with flood prevention, storage tanks for low yielding wells, constant pressure systems, pressure tank for well and more. It’s not just about clean water but safe, consistent water throughout your home for peace of mind.

Low Maintenance and Annual Service

A properly installed, quality water treatment system can last decades with little to no maintenance required of the homeowner. However, to extend the life of the system and maintain its efficiency, annual maintenance should be completed by a local water treatment specialist. Annual maintenance ensures everything is functioning properly, there are no compromises to the system, and it extends the life of the system.

National Water Service focuses on affordable maintenance appointments with quality installations so our customers never need to worry. Your professional water company should always put your need for safe, clean water at the front of their service. From water purification, filtration systems, and multi-functioning water treatment systems, you want only the best to handle your water needs.

Water Neutralizers and Water Softeners as Part of Your Water Treatment

Soft Water BenefitsCurious about the details of your water treatment system and why your local professional water company will discuss pH levels and water softeners with you?

water neutralizer and a water softener will work together to balance the pH of your water. Most importantly, they remove unwanted contaminants from your water that may otherwise cause you harm or expose you to illness risks.

A water neutralizer is designed to raise your pH using a food-grade calcium, called calcite. As water passes through the unit, it dissolves the calcite and the water becomes neutral. This helps in eliminating the corrosion of your plumbing and appliances. However, a neutralizer can sometimes raise the pH more than the desired amount, which is why a water softener is a key treatment plan to have in place.

In order to find and maintain that perfect pH balance, a water softener uses a process called ion exchange. A specific resin is added to the tank that eliminates dissolved minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. A water softener uses a brine or salt tank to clean the resin.

All of National Water Service’s neutralizers and softeners are installed with Clack Valve Heads, which regulate and monitor the amount of water passing through the system for when the softener needs to backwash (clean the resin) as well as when service is required.

Unbalanced pH levels can create an environment that fosters contamination risks and poses illness threats to those who drink the water. Hard water, while not a health risk, poses complications with appliances and water usage, including damaging pipes, not working together effectively with soap for cleanliness, and other issues.

A professional water company like National Water Service can help ensure your water treatment system doesn’t just tackle the health of your water but the use of it, too.

What Water Treatment Systems for a City Home Look Like

city water towerIf you are on city water, you pay a quarterly bill for your water usage. This is for the water to be collected, treated, and pumped to your house. Municipalities install a $50 million treatment system and rely on the users to pay for the costs and upkeep of the system. In addition to the fees for the use of city water, city water is notorious for hosting tasteless and odorless contaminants. Rumors often abound with boiling water alerts, deceased animals retrieved from municipal ponds, pharmaceutical and illegal drug traces, and other alarming stories.

Paying attention to daily news stories can help you get a better idea of how your city water is treated and maintained in your area. Our professional water technicians find we are often recommending reverse osmosis, carbon tanks, and water softeners to help clients on city water clean up their water. We also recommend avoiding water system products that hail from cheap internet sites, hardware stores, franchises, or other proprietary products. Although these systems may boast ratings, testing levels, and an affordable cost, they are not as efficient as a professional system and can cost you more down the road. Maintenance costs, short lifespans, and inefficient water treatment are all situations you’ll be on the alert for.

National Water Service recommends that any quality water system should be non-proprietary and last 30 years with proper maintenance. Your basic water system should average only around $200 in costs each year, to help you make a determination about what products you may or may not want to invest in.

With city water, it is all about proper testing, a well-maintained water treatment system, and regular news checkups to see if an alert has been issued concerning your water source.

pharmaceuticals in city and bottled water

What to Expect from Your Well Water Treatment System

Very Deep Water Wells require solid Hard Vertical PipeIf you are free of city water then you rely on well water for your home water supply. The good news is that well water is free of man-made contaminations, and you also do not receive a quarterly bill for your water usage. However, you still need to worry about natural contamination – almost all well water needs to rely on a water treatment system for safe and healthy water for home use.

Well water is exposed to natural elements that can be just as dangerous as man-made contaminants found in city water. Well water may need to be treated for sediment, acid water, iron, manganese, hard water, and radon, as just a few of the most common ailments of well water. Most contaminants found in wells are more of a nuisance as opposed to proposing a health risk, but contaminations like radon can cause severe illnesses.

The average well owner should expect to spend around $4,000 on a quality, whole house water treatment system. If that treatment system is supplied from a professional water company, its life expectancy is around 30 years or more, with proper annual maintenance. Resorting to a budget kit from the internet, your local hardware store, or a franchise can result in less quality, more costs, or a shorter lifespan. 

National Water Service professionals recommend always researching your company and the products you plan to invest in. In some cases, a franchise may seem like the best option due to their close location, but franchises often cost more upfront, require a commitment to their services for the lifespan of the equipment (along with their fees), and may require equipment updates with redesigned products. Reviews, experience, and knowledge can go a long way to getting a safe, easily maintained, and affordable water treatment system for your well.

Key Takeaways to Keep in Mind for Your Home Water Treatment System

No matter if you’re a new homeowner, looking into your first installation of a water treatment system, or looking for research on your existing water treatment system, everyone can benefit from more water treatment knowledge. It is important to:

  • Know your system
  • Maintain your system
  • Do thorough research before you complete an installation
  • Invest in quality products and technicians
  • Know your expected fees for a city or well water system

In the end, contacting your local professional water company is the best bet for getting the right equipment to result in safe water. No store-bought, low-budget filter can solve all the water problems you may be facing. A permanent solution will come from the highly-rated water companies in your area who know your county, state, city, and neighborhood.

National Water Services provides water treatment systems and more to Maryland and Virginia. Our professional technicians offer a range of water purifying, filtration and treatment systems that will address specific water wants, needs and issues.

Call or email National Water Service to schedule one of our experienced technicians for a free consultation today. We put your water needs first, so you can trust in the water in your home.