Sediment In Your Water?

Sediment In Your Water?

Sediment is made up of tiny grains of organic materials like silt, sand, rust or clay. Sediment and Turbidity (tinier pieces of sediment) are naturally occurring.  Sediment can increase in volume in water mains or pipes after a big rain storm.

Both city water and well/groundwater have sediment present.  An abundance of sediment will end up clogging your water treatment systems. As well as all of your valves, fixtures and irrigation as well as ruining hot water heaters and other appliances.

Sediment Filters are widely available at any major hardware store. However, they are often the wrong size or the wrong type of filter for the sediment in your water. This can result in a reduction of water pressure, ruined appliances and require frequent maintenance. With the installation of the correct sediment filter, you will be protecting your appliances, fixtures and water treatment. With little to no drop in your water pressure.

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