From Municipal Water Line To a Re-Built Well

From Municipal Water Line To a Re-Built Well

Back in the early 1900’s when this well was dug, it supplied water to three different properties. In 1969, the properties were combined into one and a municipal water line was connected to the pitless adaptor of the well. The well and pump were subsequently abandoned and municipal water was used for the property.

Our customer purchased the property in 2016 and asked us to remove the municipal water line and re-build the well. We installed a new pump, an in-well pressure tank and re-built a hand pump for use both in the buildings on the property as well as for irrigation.

The rebuilt well, pitless, pump, pressure tank, hand pump, well cap, casing and conduit will allow unlimited flow of water for all our customers needs for years to come.

In addition, we found an intact, late 1800’s whisky bottle about 5 feet underground next to the well.

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