Chemical Feeder

Chemical Feeder

One of the most commonly used but misunderstood water treatment systems is a Chemical Feeder. A Chemical Feeder is among the most effective and economical ways to treat your waters pH and odor issues.

One of the main purposes of a chemical feeder system is to control the pH of your water. The system measures the amount of water used and pumps different chemicals, including, but not limited to, sodium hydroxide (caustic) or soda ash into a mixing tank at the appropriate amount to ensure that the pH of your water is neutral or around 7.2.

Chemical feeders are also very effective in treating certain types of water contamination, including  bacteria, iron and manganese as well as eliminating odors such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) that may be coming from your well water by adding chlorine to the mixing tank.

Working in conjunction with your other Water Treatment equipment, a Chemical Feeder allows you to control the pH of your water and eliminate any corrosion that may occur in your plumbing.

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