7 Benefits From Having a Whole Home Water Treatment System

Water contamination is a huge problem across the globe, including the US. Whether it is drinking, bathing, or just using it for general day-to-day household chores, water plays an enormous role in many facets of your life. So, reducing contamination in the water should be your priority.  

For starters, you need to get your water tested. Water testing would allow you to know exactly which water problems you are dealing with and what kind of solution would be ideal for you. Generally, a whole home water treatment system can perfectly fix your problem. Here are a few benefits of investing in one.

National Water Service water spilling out of a glass to signify that tankless water heaters do not heat as much water

Cost Effective: Lower Energy Bills

Are Gas Water Heaters More Energy Efficient? National Water ServiceThe most important advantage of having a whole-house water treatment system is cost savings. A whole house water treatment system provides clean, safe drinking water throughout the house for less money than buying bottled water.   

Bottled water may be convenient but it isn’t a financially sustainable way to get access to safe water. It can increase your annual cost by roughly $500 behind every person in the house, making it extremely expensive. And even then, you won’t be able to meet all your water-related needs besides the one related to consumption.

A home water treatment system, on the other hand, will give you consistently safe water for all your different uses – whether it is drinking, bathing or washing.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

National Water ServiceA whole-home treatment system will reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles you use every day to get clean and safe drinking water.   

Since only 30% of plastic bottles get recycled, the only way to reduce plastic pollution is by cutting down on its use. As a result, a home water treatment system will keep you from harming the planet more than you already are.

You will also end up helping the environment by reducing your sewage output because your sewage treatment plant won’t have to work as hard to treat all of the dirt and debris that comes with regular tap water usage and consequently, use less energy.

Eliminates Mineral Deposits

water treatment for homeIf you have hard water, it means that your water has high mineral content. Hard water can leave behind mineral deposits in your faucets, showerheads, laundry machines, heating systems, and more. These deposits are unsightly and can even be harmful to your plumbing system.   

If you have a whole house water treatment system installed in your home, the benefits are two-fold: You eliminate the need for bottled water or buying expensive filters for your kitchen appliances and you also rid your household of the buildup left by hard water.

Besides, water softeners and purifiers are the best ways to get rid of water hardness and improve its quality. They reduce the concentration of minerals in tap water. And since water that has been softened contains less calcium and magnesium, it leaves you with cleaner and healthier drinking water.

Reduce Unexpected Plumbing Bills

National Water Service: Pros of a professional water heater installationThere are many reasons why your plumbing bills keep going up. One of the most common reasons is that you have hard water that contains high levels of calcium or lime deposits. These deposits can clog your pipes and fixtures, which can lead to costly plumbing repairs.  

Not only do you have to bear the cost of these repairs but also keep a plumber on speed dial because this is typically a recurring issue. But there are two ways to get rid of these deposits: You can either hire a plumber to come out and use chemicals to dissolve them or you can install a whole home water treatment system, which uses filters to remove these deposits from your tap water automatically.

Once you install a filter, you will neither have to worry about clogged pipes nor the unpleasant-looking faucets. Simply get in touch with a water company to get control over your plumbing bills.

Make Your Home Drinking Water Safer

National Water Service delivers Clean water for your familyWhen it comes to drinking water, it is better to prevent the risk of contamination than to treat it later. This is why having a water treatment system installed in your home is beneficial as it can get rid of the impurities from your water before you use it.  

A whole home water treatment system can remove sediments, lead, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and other chemicals, which are likely to cause severe health problems, from your drinking water. As an added bonus, it can also kill any bad taste or smell that comes along with the water.

Besides, parasites are yet another common concern when it comes to drinking water. A whole house water treatment system can keep contaminants from entering your pipes and eliminate related health risks so that you and your family can enjoy a safer, healthier lifestyle.

Get Healthier Skin and Hair

National Water Service hard water vs soft waterWhen your skin comes into contact with hard water, it results in dry skin and/or rashes. Similarly, when your hair comes into contact with hard water, it is left dry, frizzy, and with dandruff. This is mainly because hard water leaves mineral deposits behind after it evaporates.  

This causes your pores to get clogged by calcium and lime particles, which react with your skin and deteriorate its health. In fact, if you don’t have a good skincare and hair care routine, you will be at the risk of constant breakouts and hair fall.

Fortunately, a whole home water treatment system can improve the quality of water that you provide to your skin and hair. It can help you get rid of dryness, irritation, and even skin discoloration – all of which are problems caused by untreated or hard water.

Save on Soap

National Water Service clean water for youHard water reduces the effectiveness of soap, so you end up buying and using more soap. Also, because it is more difficult to remove dirt and grime caused by hard water, you require more soap to get the same cleaning results. This can lead to increased costs for laundry detergent and other cleaning products.   

Water softener companies can help you determine the best solution for your house, present you with the perfect water treatment system, and make your water softer – thereby reducing the money you spend on soaps.