Warning Signs That Your Well Water Is In Trouble

There are many pros and cons to having your home hooked up to a private well as opposed to city water, many of which center around contamination. Problems can still arise from the dependence on well water though, and well repair is not something to put off until it’s too late. Procrastination when it comes to your well can result in a well pump replacement and is likely to be an expensive process if put off for too long.

If you’re wondering “where are there best well services near me?” there are plenty of well services in most areas that are manned by professional well experts that are fully trained and vetted when it comes to any needed well repairs.

To determine if you need a well expert, there are plenty of warning signs that will point to any number of problems with your well water. These issues will indicate that it might be time to schedule a well inspection in order to determine the overall efficiency and health of your well.

From fixing loose or broken well caps to repairing or replacing the water pressure tank, most companies that offer well services will do whatever they can to make certain that your well is running as it should and that your well water is free of any possible contaminants. With that in mind, there are a few things you might want to be on the lookout for when it comes to the health of your well and those within your household to help determine if it is time call in a pro:

The 5 Warning Signs to Look For In Your Well Water

Sputtering Faucets

Reverse Osmosis FaucetSputtering faucets are typically caused by air in the plumbing system and if it happens often then it means that you should schedule a well inspection in order to check to see if it needs servicing.

This could be something as simple as a failing valve or it might be that the drop pipe connecting the pipe to your home could have sustained a bit of damage. If you turn on a sink in your home and hear or feel a blast of air before it disgorges short bursts of water though, it’s a good sign that something’s not right. It might also be that the water table has lowered somehow and your well pump might need to be lowered.

A High Electric Bill

motor test toolSome folks might wonder what having a well has to do with the electric bill, but it’s very simple: the water doesn’t flow directly to your home, especially since the typical home is well above the well that services it. This means that a pump has to be used in order to push the water into the home, and pumps tend to run on electricity.

Normally, a well pump won’t increase your electric bill that much, but if you happen to notice that your bill has jumped astronomically in the last month or so, it could very well be time to check the pump. This has to do with the pump running continuously or cycling on and off in order to maintain water pressure. A well pump replacement might be necessary, or it might need to be lowered to alleviate the problem.

Smelly, Foul-Tasting Water

Smelly WaterA strange odor or taste can spell trouble if it’s coming from your well water. If you detect this at all it might be time to call a company that can provide well services and schedule a well inspection.

A funky smell or taste could indicate a large number of things that have gone wrong with your well, and while some of them might not be a huge health risk, there are some that might be hazardous. Just a couple of conditions include a metallic taste to your water that could indicate high levels of iron and manganese, while a rotten egg odor could signify hydrogen sulfide that’s released from decaying organic matter that seeps into the groundwater.

Strange Noises Coming from Pipes

Pipe Corrosion can lead to leaks & floodsOlder houses that haven’t been well-maintained can have this issue on occasion, as you might hear a bit of moaning and groaning that alerts you to an issue. 

In some cases, there might be a leak in the wall or it could be due to a faulty pipe, but if the problem persists then it might be time to think about calling a professional to check if the well pump is making these types of sounds. If so, it might lead to a needed well pump replacement, which is best to diagnose early on if possible before the issues escalate.

Signs of Agricultural Contamination

Well Pump and RepairsQuite a few homes that use well water are typically located near or in rural areas and as a result, agricultural runoff can be a problem at times as it can create a very real danger of groundwater contamination.

This contamination can come from livestock waste, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that are often spread on farm fields that could be nearby. Rainfall will pick up the chemicals from said contaminants and allow them to seep into the groundwater that is feeding your well, thereby contaminating your water source.

Nitrates are particularly dangerous since they occur naturally in the soil and usually aren’t much of a concern when they remain at normal levels. Unfortunately, concentrations can rise to excessive levels upon entering the groundwater supply as fertilizer and animal waste will add to the mixture and pose a serious health risk when consumed. Pregnant women, young children, and babies less than six months old are at increased risk in this situation.

When to Schedule Your Well Inspection

To keep your well maintained and up to code, it’s recommended to schedule a well inspection at least once a year, preferably in the springtime. There are bound to be at least a few professional companies that offer well services near you that can offer the services that are needed and will be certified and trained to provide any well repair or services if such is required.

Well water is thought to be better than city water quite often due to a lessened chance of contamination, but it’s still wise to keep a close watch on your well and ensure that it’s working properly at all times. The warning signs listed above are the most common issues to look for, and will give a good indication of what’s wrong should they occur. Your local well inspection company can always provide the answers and solutions that you need.