5 Best Water Filtration Methods for Commercial Properties

If you own a commercial property, it is crucial to understand how water filtration for commercial properties works.  

Enabling a filtering system in your facility ensures the safety of your workers’ health, the lifetime of your equipment, and more. Facilities use water softeners and other advanced technologies for commercial water treatment.

Let’s start with understanding what indicates the quality of water and what are the benefits of installing a commercial water treatment facility on your premise.

What is Water Quality?

So, how do you define water quality? As per the United States Geological Survey (USGS), water quality is defined as a measure of water sustainability for a particular use. It is based on the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the water that reaches you.

To ensure safe drinking and domestic use of water across the United States, the government has enforced the following acts for your reference:

  • For tap water and wastewater, the US Clean Water Act has been deployed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • For bottled water safety, the CFR21 rules are enforced by the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA)

How Does A Water Filtration System Help?

The 5 Best Water Filtration Methods For Commercial Properties

National Water Service What can you do to treat your water?In an industrial or commercial facility, it is important to filter out contaminants from water. Substances such as lead, ammonia, or toxic chemicals can cause severe health issues, including nerve and brain damage, cancers of various kinds, anemia, and high blood pressure. 

Commercial water filtration systems thus feature several stages of purification, including water softeners, reverse osmosis, and more. Depending on the facility, companies also choose to customize a water filtration design as per the property’s needs, location, etc. 

The 5 best water filtration methods for commercial properties are listed below.

1. Reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems are commercial water treatments that use RO technology. They are trustworthy and highly adaptable systems. RO is used in a majority of commercial water filtration plants and is effective in removing fluoride, bacteria, and dissolved salts.

2. Commercial Water Filtration System

This system uses activated carbon water filter technology. Water filtration in this system works by binding toxins and impurities present in the water with carbon. Special carbon filters absorb all contaminants, thus purifying the water of chlorine and harmful chemicals. A commercial water filtration system can be installed with the help of a commercial water company.

3. Water Softeners

The water in some parts of the USA is mineral-rich, which causes hardness. Excessive hardness in water causes blockages in the plumbing system, as well as health issues. Water softeners are used to combat this problem.

4. UV Sterilization filters

This is a highly efficient method of commercial water treatment. UV sterilization destroys bacteria, microbes, and microorganisms that pollute the water. UV light kills biologically harmful parameters present in the water, making it potable for commercial use.

5. Nanotechnology

An upcoming upgrade in water filtration, nanotechnology offers multiple approaches to filtering water on an atomic scale. No wonder nanotechnology is an extremely efficient and cost-effective purification method as compared to conventional ones. It is able to filtrate silver, copper, nanoparticles, iron, and other elements from water.   

Global commercial water companies are researching and exploring the finest technologies using carbon nanotubes and membrane systems.

Conclusion: Work with a Professional Water Company for Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial water treatment can sound complicated if you are new to the space. However, an experienced commercial water company can provide you with the best solutions after a survey of your property.

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