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Why is Safe Drinking Water Important for Your Health?

Everyone boasts that drinking water is important for your health, and our company’s mission is centered on providing safe drinking water from the tap for all families.

Why, however, is drinking water so important for our general health? If you’ve ever wondered why you should focus more on water throughout the day, this guide will breakdown the key points for you!

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Understanding Different Water Contaminations in Maryland

Do you know what is in your water?The U.S. General Accounting Office reports that there are serious deficiencies in water treatment plants in 75% of the states. More than 120 million people may get unsafe water, according to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council. As such, a lot of attention (rightfully so) is being paid to our nation’s water supply.

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Pressure tank, Sediment Filter, Solution Feeder, Water Heater, Water Softener and a Reverse Osmosis

Understanding Water Treatment Systems from Cities to Well Water in Maryland

When purchasing a new home, you also purchase all the water treatment systems the previous owners put in place. Without contacting a professional water company, it can be hard to know what makes up your water treatment system, and what your water maintenance is going to look like. Without knowing what your water treatment system is comprised of, you risk contaminates, odors, and possible illnesses.

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How Radon Enters Into A House

The Dangers of Radon in Your Well Water: Why You Need Radon Water Testing in Maryland

A professional water company is highly recommended if you fear you have radon in your water. National Water Service is equipped to handle radon water testing, evaluation of radon levels in your water, and radon water treatments in addition to recommending radon water filter treatments. Whether you are facing a concern with your home or your business’ radon levels, contact a professional water company near you to get it handled today. It could save a life!

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water treatment replacement installation

5 Common Mistakes in Selecting Water Treatment Systems

Attempting to handle your water treatment on your own can lead to a lot of mistakes, and perhaps costly fixes down the line. Companies that specialize in residential water testing, water treatment, well inspection, well disinfection, and water purification can take a great deal of the guesswork out of the process and will recommend a water treatment system that’s the most efficient for your situation.

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Infections That Can Be Prevented by Water Treatment and Purification

If you are experiencing smelly water or stinky water with a strong odor and discoloration, it is important to have water testing completed to avoid infections and sickness. Causes of smelly water can be the pipes or the well its self, and a well inspection is crucial to determine if there is contaminated groundwater causing an issue and jeopardizing the health of those who live in your home.

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Broken Fitting

5 Warning Signs That Your Well Water is in Trouble

To determine if you need a well expert, there are plenty of warning signs that will point to any number of problems with your well water. These issues will indicate that it might be time to schedule a well inspection in order to determine the overall efficiency and health of your well.

From fixing loose or broken well caps to repairing or replacing the water pressure tank, most companies that offer well services will do whatever they can to make certain that your well is running as it should and that your well water is free of any possible contaminants.

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well casing repair

Tips on Water Testing and Scheduling a Well Inspection

Have you been dealing with issues such as stinky water or possible contamination? If your home is hooked up to a well then it could very easily be that you have an issue that will require a well inspection and necessary water testing, possibly followed by water treatment.

There is a big difference between dealing with a home that is hooked up to city water and one that is hooked up to its own well. There are many pros and cons to being on city water and on well water, but the purpose of this post is to give a better understanding of how to tell when it’s necessary to have your well water tested and what a well inspection will entail.

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