Hot Water Heater raised on a plastic base

6 Ways to Prevent a Water Heater Disaster

When a hot water heater fails it can be more than just an inconvenience and a costly expense. Some hot water heater failures can result in disaster, from whole-house floods to risking an explosion. Although circumstances like this feel rare, it’s always important to have a system in place for water heater maintenance. Whether you maintain your water heaters yourself or work with a professional water company, it’s critical to manage them before disaster strikes.

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National Water Service Emergency Well Pump Truck with an old well water pump

National Water Service’s Featured Water Treatment Services in Maryland

Working from Maryland down to Virginia on many different projects, we see a lot of speciality projects that require a high level of experience, knowledge, and creative thinking to get the client exactly what they want. Here are just some of our featured jobs that required us to think creatively and desperate some of our most popular water treatment systems.

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drinking water

Why is Safe Drinking Water Important for Your Health?

Everyone boasts that drinking water is important for your health, and our company’s mission is centered on providing safe drinking water from the tap for all families.

Why, however, is drinking water so important for our general health? If you’ve ever wondered why you should focus more on water throughout the day, this guide will breakdown the key points for you!

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brown water in glass

Understanding Different Water Contaminations in Maryland

Do you know what is in your water?The U.S. General Accounting Office reports that there are serious deficiencies in water treatment plants in 75% of the states. More than 120 million people may get unsafe water, according to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council. As such, a lot of attention (rightfully so) is being paid to our nation’s water supply.

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