Subdrive Constant Pressure System

Subdrive Constant Pressure System

Franklin Subdrive Utility 


SubDrive Utility offers simplified constant pressure solutions for compatible submersible water pumps up to 2 hp (horsepower) with a small pressure tank. 

The SubDrive Utility converts 2-wire conventional submersible pumping systems, ranging from 1/3 hp up to 1-1/2 hp, along with 115 V and 230 V single-phase 2-wire submersible PSC, above-ground booster, and jet pumps up to 2 hp, into constant water pressure systems.

Requiring only a small pressure tank, these drives offer a more compact overall footprint compared to traditional submersible water systems, while providing the added value of constant water pressure and built-in motor protection. Manufactured specifically for water pumping applications by a pump manufacturer, the company’s more than 14 years of drive engineering expertise is incorporated into each product design.


Features and Benefits

  1. Cost Effective (Low cost systems for constant pressure with motor/pump protection)
  2. Compact overall footprint (unlike traditional submersible water systems)
  3. Simple Installation (Affordable and easy-to-install drive)
  4. Easy Servicing (It’s separate of the pump and motor. This makes trouble -shooting and maintenance significantly easier compared to all-in-one units)
  5. Built-In Motor Protection
  6. Industry Expertise (Manufactured specifically for water pumping applications by a pump manufacturer)
  7. Fully Supported (Comes fully supported by Technical Support professionals and b   Field Service Engineers)


Constant Water Pressure Control Box and Manifold
Franklin Subdrive Constant Pressure System
Franklin Subdrive Constant Pressure System
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