Bacteria and Contaminats

Bacteria and other contaminants in your water can be harmful to you and your family’s health, your appliance’s efficiency, and your pipes. 


If you suspect there are excessive amounts of chlorine, sediment, or other bacteria in your water, contact National Water Service today to help clean the water for better cooking, washing, drinking, and health. 

National Water Service: bacteria in water can mean mold, ecoli, or other parasites


Expore our different options for bacteria removal

How to change a Sediment Filter


Need to get rid of sediment? We have a few options to choose from!

solution feeder


REVERSE OSMOSIS is our recommendation for removing nitrates from your water

City Water Treatment, Twin Water Softener for hard water and Carbon Tanks to remove chlorine, chloramines, radon & bacteria from water with a Brine Tank

Chlorine Removal

A carbon tank is the best way to handle chlorine removal from your water