Plumbing Company in Maryland

National Water Service has expanded our company to include a plumbing division. Click below to learn more.

You will be redirected to our National Plumbing and Mechanical Services site. National Water Service has expanded and this allows us to better serve our customers. You will still be contacting the same professional water company under our plumbing division. 

master plumbers for all plumbing services in Maryland

We are a top plumbing company in Maryland due to our decades of water service experience. Our years of water service work has allowed us to expand into a full-service plumbing company with master plumbers available for a variety of projects. 

We now provide water heater repairs and installationssump pump installations, garbage disposal repairs and installations, drain cleanings, gas piping, and general plumbing repairs. 

We don’t cut corners and we don’t believe in compromising on your plumbing service quality. With our team, you receive affordable plumbing services at the highest level of satisfaction.

When it comes to delivering a product or project to our clients, we put your needs first and communicate every step of the way, so you feel confident with every adjustment done to your home. 

Contact us today to talk more about our plumbing services, and see what we can provide for you. If you know what you want, schedule your plumbing service with us to get started right away.

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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal repairs needed? General troubleshooting or maintenance? Ready to upgrade with a new garbage disposal installation? 

Let our experienced master plumbers handle that! With a professional installation, you will have peace of mind that your equipment has been installed free of leaks, clogs, or other errors. 

Garbage Disposals Maryland
Maryland Faucet Installation Services

Upgrade the look of your home with a new faucet installation for your kitchen, bath, or washroom.   

Our plumbing installations include everything you need to have a new faucet up and running in your home that improves aesthetic and function. 

From simple faucet exchanges to upgrading to new nozzles, sprays, and more, we can do it quickly and neatly, so you don’t have to worry about your sink being out of commission while you figure out the piping.

Whether you are in need of kitchen tweaks or are re-doing the master bathroom and want some faucet upgrades, our plumbing services in Maryland include new faucet installations to get you the look and function you have been searching for.

sump pump installations

Our master plumbers are available for both sump pump installations and sump pump replacements. It is vital to the safety of your home that your basement stays dry, whether it is avoiding general dampness or to prep for if and when a flooding occurs. 

Trust the professionals on our team to provide sump pump services you can count on, from the day-to-day to an emergency situation.

Plumbing Company in Maryland
Plumbing Services Maryland

Drain Cleaning

Have your drains been backing up, emitting a foul odor, slow to drain, or holding standing water?  

Get professional drain cleaning as part of our plumbing repairs in Maryland. We help eliminate clogs and other drain issues for both indoor and outdoor plumbing. Contact us today for rooter services and avoid disastrous wastewater overflow or leaks. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Plumbing installations with our master plumbers include everything you need for your outdoor kitchen: pipe fitters, propane and natural gas, outdoor sinks, outdoor drains, BBQ stations, and more.  

We can handle both water and gas pipes as part of our plumbing repair services so contact us today to improve your outdoor space and prepare for seasonal use or winterization. 

Outdoor Kitchen Plumbing Maryland
gas plumbing services maryland

Gas Piping

Gas piping fuels your barbecues, grills, fireplaces, and more. Top-of-the-line, quality gas line plumbing services ensure these appliances are always operating efficiently and with proper regulation.  

Professional plumbing installations and plumbing repairs from National Water include gas piping maintenance, repairs, installations, and more. Rest assured there are no leaks, your valves are secure, and everything is up to regulation for all appliance use. 

Available Any Job

Our trusted and experienced master plumber on staff is available for all plumbing service needs, whether they happen in your basement or in your kitchen. The plumbing crews we provide live up to the same customer service standards National Water Service has upheld for decades.

5-Star Reviews

When you hire National Water Service as your plumbing company Maryland, you are getting a company trusted by your neighbors and recommended in your community. We hold our workmanship and our customer service to unbeatable heights.

One Company for It All

It is important to our team that we are always growing and providing the most requested services to our clients. That’s why we now provide plumbing services, so there is one water company you can trust for any job that is needed in your home.

Plumbing Services FAQs

We provide plumbing installations, plumbing repairs, master plumbers, gas piping, outdoor kitchens, drain cleaning, tankless water heaters, sump pump services, and more. We continue to expand our plumbing services every day so contact us for a personalized quote on your project. 

To hire a professional plumber from National Water, fill out our contact form, give us a call, or send us an email. Let us know your project, location, and if you’ve worked with us before. We will consult on the issue, provide a detailed estimate in person, and outline a timeline and start date to get started. 

Plumbing costs vary from project to project. Costs include experience, tools needed, labor hours, insurance, overhead fees, and more. Hourly rates can vary from $60 an hour to $160 an hour. Your detailed estimate will include a price breakdown so you understand the full upfront cost before committing. 

Visit our contact page or call us at 301-854-1333. We will set up a time and day that works to inspect the work and provide a detailed estimate. We do our best to accommodate work schedules and aim to be flexible to get your job done ASAP. 

Each plumbing installation or repair is estimated on a case by case basis. We strive to only provide quotes once we’ve seen the work and know exactly how many hours and tools will be required. Call us to discuss your plumbing repair today.