SQE Constant Pressure System

Grundfos SQE 

The SQE constant pressure pump has built-in electronic controls which allow for advanced controlled performance and easy & quick diagnostics. 

The Motor is designed as a Variable Speed Drive. This constant pressure system maintains a consistent water pressure by electronically changing the pumps performance speed to match the demand inside the home.

Each SQE Unit is equipped with:

    1. Soft start (prevents water hammering and an overheating motor)
    2. Dry run protection (pumps are water lubricated so that your pump won’t die in the case that your well runs dry)
    3. Overload protection (debris like sand or grass can clog and destroy unprotected pumps)
    4. Over and undervoltage protection (Improper Voltages can greatly shorten a lifespan of an unprotected well pump)

The CU301 is an easy to use control box for controlling constant pressure. The user can simply choose the desired water pressure by pressing the UP or DOWN arrows, and the CU301 does the rest.

The SQE has a pressure sensor that precisely measures water pressure and sends its signal to the CU301 Box. In order to maintain pressure it must be measured. The CU301 reads this pressure signal and then electronically commands the pump to start, stop, speed up, or slow down in order to maintain constant pressure regardless of the water demand.  


Features and Benefits

  1. Domestic water supply 
  2. Light commercial 
  3. Irrigation 
  4. Tank Applications
  5. High quality stainless steel pressure sensor
  6. Built-in diagnostics


  1. Push Button pressure setpoint adjustment
  2. Low well water indicator
  3. Pump running indicator
  4. Keypad lockout


Grundfos SQE Constant Water Pressure Well Pump System
New Grundfos Well Water Pump
Grundfos SQE Constant Water Pressure Well Pump System
Constant Water Pressure control box